About Us

The Right Thing

Technological progress has enriched us with numerous resources and solutions which offer infinite opportunities to create value. But it also creates potential complexity. Efficient control and use of the resources in our hands is the real challenge and makes the real difference.

Dynamic and integrated low energy air conditioning solutions are no longer an option, but a necessity.

The Right Way

There are several ways to go from problem to solution but there is only one best way and it makes the difference.

With the focus on Value Creation we have found the best way to a solution by combining our core technologies:

  • Green Low Carbon Air Conditioning Solutions.
  • State of the art air distribution systems

Two technologies, one solution. Common sense, business sense.

The Right Direction

It’s estimated that 60% of the energy used in a building is for the Heating Cooling and Ventilation systems. The demand to reduce this will only grow.

Fifteen years ago we formed environmental air conditioning, our aim was to promote the concept of low carbon air conditioning solutions - for us this was the right direction to follow.

The Right Time

Time cannot be recycled, it cannot be sold second-hand. Time and efficiency are today the most mission critical factors of success.

As the demands for designing and operating low carbon emission buildings increase, the time for utilising green air conditioning solutions has never been better.