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There is a general trend within buildings to have exposed ceilings, this allows increased ceiling heights and a feeling of space. Traditional air distribution solutions are not suited to this type of environment due to aesthetics, cost and poor air dispersal.

Activent is a specialised exposed nozzle ductwork ventilation system for supplying and distributing air in spaces with no ceiling. The system is used in all types of premises including Universities, Sports Centres, Offices, Department stores, Laboratories and Industrial facilities.

Distributing over large areas, Activent utilises special ducts equipped with a large number of small nozzles that evenly distribute air along the entire length of the duct. The small jets from the ducts mix with room air through induction and set large masses of air slowly into motion. Air is supplied at a temperature much cooler than room air, without causing draughts.

Activent provides effective low-velocity ventilation and even temperature throughout the entire room space. It can also be used for heating the space.

Key to the system is the clean aesthetic lines for the exposed ceiling within the space.

Design Assistance

EAC provide a design selection service using Activent computer software. This includes providing air distribution and velocity profile calculations and printouts.


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