Chilled Beams

Example of chilled beams installation

Modern and Refurbished buildings are equipped with a large amount of equipment and often have large areas of external glazing, which results in a considerable space/heat load.

Space-cooling using an all air system would require a high air flow rate, resulting in large ductwork for the air distribution system. This is not always possible due to ceiling height space constraints. Here, chilled beam systems are the ideal choice since the heating and cooling capacity of these systems can be provided independently to the required fresh air flow rate.

In most cases higher chilled water temperatures - typically 12/18C - are used. This allows the use of Free Cooling Chillers and lower hot water conditions - typically 60/40C - which can be connected to Condensing Boilers. The use of Chilled beams allows the overall Plant Efficiency to be maximized and Carbon output minimized.

Working with our product supply partners, we offer a chilled beam system that provides various solutions for cooling/heating combined with highly efficient ventilation. Our beams are suitable for most applications - including Offices ,Hospitals and Universities - where the client requires optimum comfort, and low noise in the room, whilst ensuring minimal costs in energy and maintenance .

The range includes induction supply air beams or passive convection beams in various shapes and sizes suitable for integration in false ceilings or for exposed installation. Multi-function beams are available as standard with lighting, control and PA equipment built into the beams.

Our Beams have a unique Flow Pattern Control Function (FPC) ensuring maximum flexibility


A combination of different flow rates on each side is possible.


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