Integrated DX Heat Pump

Our new and innovative Exhaust Air Heat Pump is the combination of a reversible heat pump unit and a recovery wheel – this brings a number of benefits from design to running. A traditional installation would include a condensing unit or a chiller. Both of those solutions require complex and expensive installation work on site (piping, controls, etc…). A refrigeration specialist would be required and sources of failure could be derived from multiple suppliers with differing responsibilities. The Exhaust Air Heat Pump is a Plug & Play product - factory tested and ready to operate upon delivery.

EAC’s expertise in delivering these technologies - for all sizes and types of application - is unsurpassed. Exhaust Air Heat Pump technologies are particularly appealing to energy users in the University, Healthcare and Commercial Sectors.

Working with our product supply partners we offer an Air Source Heat Pump system that provides typical COP in Heating of 6.0 and Cooling of 5.0.


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