Displacement Solutions

Thermal Displacement Ventilation is based on natural air movement. Low-velocity supply air is introduced through specially designed displacement diffusers. Heat and impurities are stratified toward the ceiling. Displacement Ventilation provides continually replenished fresh supply air. The system also permits economical and effective air cooling due to a reduction in the amount of air required in spaces with ceilings above 3m.

Architectural considerations place high demands on building service integration for lobbies, atriums, cafeterias, retail spaces and lecture theatres. In conjunction with our standard range of terminals, we provide custom-made designs to match Architect and Client requirements. This allows  the displacement terminal to form an integral part of the overall space design. Terminal appearance can also be adapted easily to interior architecture, if required.

EAC provide a design support service which calculates air volumes, supply temperature, comfort boundaries and temperature gradient utilising Flakt software. We would be more than happy to assist, if this is of interest.


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