Health care institutions face the increasingly difficult task of providing patients with both comfort and a bacteria free environment. New standards regards increased ventilation rates and  the requirement to prevent the spread of MSRA are not without the inevitable escalation in energy costs.

EAC healthcare sector solutions can help diminish these budgeting pressures by providing low energy solutions which ensure no bacteria transfer within the ventilation plant, whilst also providing up to 75% energy recovery for both Summer and Winter  

Hospitals such as Ninewells in Dundee, Barts Hospital, Great Ormond Street and Royal Holloway in London  have achieved enormous year on year savings on their energy bills, reducing carbon emissions and at the same time delivering the highest hygiene and comfort standards.

Air comfort and temperature control are a critical part of a Hospital environment, using our Chilled Beam systems we guarantee optimum comfort and low noise in the room - with the additional benefits of reduced costs in energy and maintenance.

As future demands on healthcare design grow this solution will form a key part of the design.

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